Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Actually Locked In?

Only in your mind will you actually be locked in! We will always leave an exit available for you, should you need to leave the room for any reason. At any time you can re-enter the room as long as you have time still on the clock!

Cancel or Reschedule

Not a problem! Your E-Mail confirmation has an orange button about halfway down the page that says "view/ change booking" which can be used to cancel or reschedule your game. Full refunds will be granted for games canceled 24 hours or more before the start time of your game. We can not grant refunds with less than 24 hours before the start of your game.

Add / Change Participant

If you signed up for an event and one of your participates can't make it, you're more than welcome to bring another person in that person's place! We can get their name and information when you come in for your game. If you need to add an additional participant, refer to your confirmation email. There is an orange button that says "View / Change Booking" which will allow you to add your additional participant.

When Do I Need to Show Up?

After you have a reservation, we ask that your entire group show up between 10 and 15 minutes before the time of your reserved game. We'll get your group through a quick briefing, and started right on time, as we generally have a completely booked schedule.

Late Arrivals

Groups arriving past their late time can start their game late, however time will be deducted from your game, in relation to how late the game is started. No Refunds will be given for late arrivals. With our full schedules we can not delay the next games. We have a 24 hour cancellation/ refund policy.

Help / Hints on Puzzles

Fear not! Our attentive staff will ensure that you're moving along, and have the opportunity to experience the room. If you're stuck we can offer hints or advice to see the puzzle from another angle. If you prefer, we can stay silent as a mouse, and let you adventure solo. Alternatively, if you would prefer to have a Game Master in the room with you, and nudge you along here and there, we are happy to oblige; just let us know when you come in!

Play the Same Room Twice

ABSOLUTELY! Whether you solve it or not, you're more than welcome to book another room try to beat your high score!* Additionally, new rooms and challenges will open up regularly to keep the old noggin on its toes. *you will only be elligable for our Escape Artist and High Score boards on your first attempt.

Scary or Haunted House

Quanday is not a Haunted House! There is nothing intentionally scary about our rooms...we don't have anything jump out at you, or purposely try to scare you. While we do admit, the ambiance may be a bit eerie, nothing is going to jump out and get you :P


While many of our puzzles are geared for adults, kids love our games! Your Game Master will be able to give your group additional hints on puzzles to help you succeed through the game. For even younger groups we are happy to join you on your adventure, and be in the room every step of the way! Children that are under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult participant. The adult in the game will be counted as a participant and towards the room capacity, when booking the game. Any participant under the age of 18 will need to arrive with a pre-printed signed waiver in hand, if they are not accompanied by their legal parent/ guardian. Entry to the game will not be granted without a signed waiver, and no refunds will be given. To Download and Print our Waiver, Please Cick Here Parents with infants are welcome to join, but we ask that the infant be held at all times.

Birthday Parties

We love hosting birthday celebrations! For more information please check out our Large Groups Section


All participants will be required to fill out a waiver on-site, or may choose to bring in a pre-printed and signed. Any participant under the age of 18 will need to arrive with a pre-printed signed waiver in hand, if they are not accompanied by their legal parent/ guardian. Entry to the game will not be granted without a signed waiver, and no refunds will be given. To Download and Print our Waiver, Please Cick Here


We try to keep all of our games between Moderate and Hard escape rates with three hints or less. With that said, you are happy to have as many hints as you would like during the game. All of our games are completely logic based, and do not require guessing, or outside knowledge. everything you need to solve our puzzles will be provided for you in the game. If we are going by strictly numbers alone, then Sweet Revenge would be our "hardest" game and The Locked in Dead would be our "easiest". However, we have observed on several occasions a group escaping from Sweet Revenge, but not from Locked in Dead. Our best suggestion would be for your group to book whichever game seems most interesting to them, and then let us know your skill level / how you would like to play the game when you arrive... If you want to be left alone until you ask for a hint, we will be silent as a mouse! If you would prefer periodic hints or would just like to ask for hints as much as you would like, we are also very happy to oblige!


What Our Team is Doing to Help

  • Private Bookings have been offered at our venue for over four years, and we will continue to provide them, so that you know exactly who you are playing with. 


  • Disinfecting surfaces and constant cleaning of our rooms is something that we have done since day one. In light of the current situation we are being more vigilant and ensuring that every game is wiped down every time.

  • One Lobby, One Team. We are taking measures to ensure that your group is the only group in the lobby, and we will be avoiding having you come into contact with other groups.

  • Hand Sanitizer Available. In case you forget your own, we've got you covered.

  • Masks are required to be worn for the duration of your visit, if you are not vaccinated, due to a government mandate. If you do not have a mask and are not vaccinated you will not be able to participate, and a refund will not be provided.