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2021 / 22



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Escape Room


best private game in Sacramento
2018 & 2019

"Excellent team-building event, solving puzzles together with my family - real instead of virtual ones! :)​ Thanks for a fun time!"

-Roland Gustafsson

Lead Programmer, Myst, Myst III


Escape Rooms (or Puzzle Rooms) are a Live Interactive Experience that pit your wits against numerous puzzles and challenges. It will be your mission to enter the room, find some clues, solve the Quandary, and escape within the time limit!

All of our rooms are a continuous story line, and each have a different theme. We take great care to make sure that our decor and puzzles match the theme of each room. While each room does have its own theme and unique puzzles, you may notice some items and characters that permeate each experience.

Now, with our games, we do make them quite challenging, however everything you need to solve the game is in the room! Everything is logic based and no guessing is required. You and your team will have to use your brain power to figure out just how everything fits together. We take particular detail in designing our hand-crafted puzzles with different thought processes, to give everyone a chance at solving. While one puzzle may make perfect sense to your mind, the next may look like rocket science to you. There's something for everyone!


While we do require our adventurers to be 12 and up to tackle a room alone, there is always something for everyone to do in our games, regardless of age! Exploring the room, searching for clues, helping a partner, and looking at puzzles from a different angle are just a few examples of how you can help your team solve the game!

For any adventurer that is under 18 years of age, and will not have their parent or guardian present at the time of their event, we require that they come with a Signed Waiver. Click Here to Download our Waiver And Release of Liability.

Whether you're a couple looking for a fun Date Night, a company looking for a Team Build Event, a family looking to get into some Mysterious Fun, or just someone looking to make new friends and have your Mind Challenged, we've got a room from which you can escape!


Want to learn more about or stories and go in-depth with how every character, room, and detail is intertwined? Check out our Wiki Page and take the plunge into the Quandaryverse!

Quandary Escape Rooms Wiki Page

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