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3600 Seconds. 60 Minutes. One Hour.

Will You Escape?


By Reservation Only


Always Private, no Strangers.

1-3 Participates: $90

4-8 Participants: $30 per person

More than 8 Participants? Click Here for Info

Monday- Friday Afternoon

Weekday Games by Special Request Only

1-4 Participants: $120 

5-30 Participants: $30 per person

Can accommodate up to 30 per hour


OUR ROOMS | built by escape artists


- Hand-Crafted Games -
We design, build, program, and write the stories ourselves. You wont find our sets, tech, or story anywhere else.

- Continuous Story Line -
Characters, items, and connections across every game.

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Welcome to the Candy Shop. Ronald Cates has hired your team to infiltrate Anderson's Confectionery to steal back Grandma's Secret Recipe. Anderson's is protected by the SASSI Security Company, but  Luckily R.Cates has already scouted ahead to ensure that you'll get past the system. Additionally an escape route has been paved, as leaving through the front door with Grandma's Recipe is a sure way to get caught. What secret is Anderson hiding, and will you make it out before the SASSI System comes back online??


AGENT, DOUBLE AGENT, OR ROGUE...WHO ARE YOU?! Sweet Revenge has an optional game within a game where you have to watch the actions of everyone around you! A game of lies, deceit, and pointing fingers at your "team," all while trying to achieve your personal objectives, and figure if you can trust the people around you. Three roles. Three objectives. Will you be infiltrated, or the one infiltrating?​  CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO LEARN MORE!

60 min.
Dynaline Poster.jpg


For months Dr. Clark has been begging you to see his new treatment system; In spite of the desperate pleas of the usually stoic Dr Clark, you have decided to pay him a visit at his quarantine offices. However when you arrive it is not your (somewhat) friendly associate that greets you, but rather a lethal gas threatening to slowly consume you and all of your colleagues from the inside-out. Looks like Dr. Clark's patients had some other plans for this facility. Fan-Freekin-Tastic. The facility is in a lock-down sequence and you're trapped until you're able to complete the shutdown sequence for the sabotaged Dynaline's gas duct, and retrieve the canister from inside. Will you have what it takes to complete this breathtaking mission? Find out in the Dynaline Incident!

60 min.
Locked in Dead Poster.jpg


A derelict building stands before you. Inside is the abandoned laboratory of Dr. Clements, the man who tried to save humanity from the scourges that have plagued our world. Behind you is a horde of the hungry undead. Taking shelter leads you to a shocking discovery: the doctor was moments away from a breakthrough before having to flee! Could you finish his final tests and escape before the zombies break through? Or will you come face to face with the creatures you fear?

*Room is not a horror themed room and does not contain actors or jumpscares, only eerie music and environmental storytelling

60 min.


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